For Our College Applicants

Preparing for the SAT

The SAT can have as much impact on your college admissions outcome as your GPA. To improve your score, do practice problems every day.

Writing Your College Essays

The essays are the final piece of your application puzzle. You need to tell a compelling story that explains your world and conveys your passions.

Applying for Financial Aid

The biggest misconception about attending college is that you have to pay for it. You don't need money or scholarships to attend; you need financial aid.

For Our Volunteers

CPP Instructors

Teaching the SAT Classes

Typically done with juniors in the spring

In the spring of each year, we run free SAT prep classes in the inner city. We work with high school juniors and a few sophomores. Our classes meet on weekends and all of our teachers are volunteers.

Editing the College Application Essays

Typically done with seniors in the fall

In the fall, we turn our attention to the college applications and we work exclusively with high school seniors.  The focus of our work is the application essays.  We help our students get their stories down on paper.